House Cleaning - SF

House Cleaning

We clean your home as per your needs. Our domestic cleaners clean your house, on daily, weekly, monthly basis or as per your convenience. One team member of our house cleaning staff will initially get the complete list of cleaning services you require. A clean home also maintains the health of every family member. We understand your emphasis on cleanliness and hence follow it precisely. We always make sure that every corner of your house is cleaned from top to bottom. This makes us one of the best house cleaning service providers in SF.

Office Cleaning - SF

Office Cleaning

Our commercial cleaning staff in SF ensures that your office premise is maintained for sanity as well as cleanliness. We have corporate plans for the commercial complex in San Fransisco. The corporate contract includes flexible plans to incorporate cleaning services for one or more offices in a particular commercial complex. Similarly, we can provide dedicated staff for your commercial purpose only. Our team will see to that every workstation of your office is clean and pleasing to work. Our office cleaning services are reliable and of the best quality, which helped us to gain a good reputation in SF as the most proficient commercial cleaners.

Janitorial Services - SF

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial cleaning services are designed to clean huge premises which need constant cleaning. Schools, churches, auditoriums are some areas to name. We provide expert cleaning service for the restroom, exterior, and flooring. Our deep cleaning service ensures every corner of the assigned area is spotlessly cleaned. Cleaning Professionals have seen rapid growth, primarily due to our constantly excellent standard of premium quality janitorial services that are provided to an ever-expanding customer base in San Francisco. Our professional janitors in SF ensure that your environments are clean and hygienically sound.

Window Cleaning - SF

Window Cleaning

If you are paying to have your residential or commercial windows cleaned, you want them to be clean! Cleaning Professional cleaners will clean your windows daily, weekly, monthly or just once in a year. Our professional window cleaners are directly employed, fully trained and are with the necessary safety equipment. We offer mobile access platforms and other specialist access equipment as needed. Our professional staff of expert cleaning technicians takes great pride in delivering an exceptional specialist periodical cleaning service to a large and broad range of clients and have done so for over thirty years. So whether you occupy a floor in a multi-tenanted building or have a large portfolio of buildings, we are able to offer you with a periodical cleaning proposal at a very competitive price.

Building Maintenance Cleaning - SF

Building Maintenance Cleaning

Building maintenance and cleaning is an important aspect of successful New York businesses. Whether an office building, hotel, school, church, industrial or manufacturing warehouse, you will derive many benefits from using a professional commercial cleaning, New York-based company to handle your building cleaning needs. By choosing a professional commercial cleaning company in San Francisco, you can make sure that your business remains in a manner that is really sanitary and healthy. We also know that not every building in San Francisco is the same and not every customer has the same requirements. We are proud of our ability to properly customize a building maintenance cleaning program and cleaning team to ensure excellence in environmental care.

Move In, Move Out Cleaning - SF

Move In, Move Out Cleaning

Moving is a huge job. In fact, many say that moving is one of the most stressful as well as exhausting life experiences while moving in or moving out. On top of it all, you have to make sure the home you're leaving is clean and that your new house is ready for move-in day. Let the experts at The Cleaning Professionals remove the burden of pre and post move cleaning from your to-do list. By nature, moving is really messy. Our skilled move in and move out cleaning crews can make sure that your new home or the one you're leaving looks completely spotless and sparkling with our move in and move out cleaning services in SF. Our staff is trained and equipped. As part of our dedication to environmentally friendly cleaning practices, we use only environmentally responsible and sustainable cleaning products at the houses we clean in San Francisco.

Job Clean Up - SF

Job Clean Up

At The Cleaning Professionals in SF, we know the preferences of every homeowner in San Francisco will differ. So, we proudly provide highly customizable cleaning programs. No matter whether you require our job clean up services to come by before a special event, spruce up your house before the holidays, or even clean before or after moving out, our staff can help. With the use of our eco-friendly house cleaning products, our skilled cleaning professionals deep-clean your home from top to bottom. With the use of our professional home cleaning checklist, we have a framework that ensures every corner of your house looks sparkling clean every single time that we visit.

Bathroom Cleaning - SF

Bathroom Cleaning

Everyone relishes a sparkling bathroom, but not everyone likes the cleaning bit. Luckily Cleaning Professionals in San Francisco quickly cuts through the bathroom dirt and wipes out germs as it goes. Our bathroom cleaning staff gives an extra focus on hotspots, like flush handles and taps. We offer cleaning of tiles, faucets, sinks, taps, pots, shelves, cabinets, mirror, disinfection of the bathroom, cleaning of washroom windows and mirrors, etc. Protect your house and loved ones from the preventable diseases by keeping your bathroom disinfected and thoroughly clean. Bring in the cleaning experts to clean every little thing from the faucets to the tiles and taps.

Kitchen Cleaning - SF

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen cleaning is one of our most popular and preferred services here at Cleaning Professionals. Nobody likes deep cleaning a kitchen – whatever the circumstances may be. Our team is comprised of the top kitchen deep cleaners in the business in SF. Our team of deep kitchen cleaners is known in San Francisco for their supreme ability to restore everything in your kitchen back to its original state; from canopies, extractor fans and the filters, which should be cleaned by law every six months! We’ll leave your equipment germ-free, smelling fresh and most importantly – fully compliant with health and safety guidelines. We provide our kitchen cleaning services in a way that negates interruption to your business. In most cases, we will strive to work out of hours to offer the most convenience possible for you and your staff.

Restroom Cleaning - SF

Restroom Cleaning

Cleaning Professionals commercial restroom hygiene services ensure that restrooms are protected against many common diseases and viruses. Restrooms are a breeding ground for various infectious germs and bacteria. These germs are spread by the constant use of restroom facilities by the customers and employees. Porcelain surfaces act like sponges. They contain many microscopic pores which trap water, organic and inorganic soil, which, in turn, produce a disease spreading bacteria on the surface of restroom fixtures. No matter how much you clean your porcelain restroom fixtures with the ordinary cleansers, you cannot remove the germs and bacteria trapped within their microscopic pores. We offer the best quality restroom cleaning services in SF at competitive rates.